Questions of Life Essay

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Questions of life?? Sometimes the worst things replay on your mind and at the least expecting time come back to haunt you. Given the chance would you change it? Those moments when the slightest thing can irritate you and even though it’s not their fault you could kill the wrong person who crosses your path. Times you just want to burst into tears just because and times when you just want someone to hold you. People don’t tell you but you’ll learn no one truly has a perfect life, everyone has their flaws. Tears turn to anger, and the ones you love we are too scared to let them know in case they don’t love us back – or our love scares them away- we hate thing to change for the worse. Where does true affection hide? I’m never good enough, I know people love me, but I question this every day because of my own insecurities and because their actions towards me. Did I ever deserve to exist, what did I do wrong to deserve this life. No money, no love, no friends, no life. Is there really a purpose for me? Kill me before I kill someone else. I’m hated enough already, so who cares. If I was to go life will go on, no one will miss me because no one cares. Can this really be true? Why is it the ones that love us are the ones we wouldn’t take a second look at, even though there heart is in the right place and we are their everything. But they mean nothing to us, but maybe another friend we don’t want to lose. Ever feel like a waste of space- every day!! Practice what you preach Don’t take advantage of love I’ve never been in love; I’ve just loved the idea of love, but scared of the commitment. Love and Hate the silence My take on love- everyone has their own idea on love. I’m a liar, because I’m scared to the truth will hurt. TX boy I don’t love you either, I hate you too. What’s with the shrieking? Shut up!!! When I’m truthful, you don’t like it, I guess
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