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1. When reading the opening paragraph I initially felt for Williams. I thought it was a really a really emotional paragraph, but it was an extremely good opening paragraph. It made me want to continue reading to know why Williams’ stated that. It is a paragraph that captures the reader and makes them want to know more. Because of the fact that it is emotional it allows the readers to be even more captivated. 2. The new information Williams learns is that there was there was a bomb explosion that her entire family encountered. This information is extremely important because it allows for Williams to question how her mother and the rest of her family got breast cancer. This was the start of her researching into different bombings in the Utah and Nevada area. 3. Williams’s uses outside sources to support her idea that public health was not as important to the government as national security. She uses statements from people who are extremely educated that back up this statement. By doing this Williams’s makes her essay look well thought out, and researched. Due to this, Williams’s essay is more valuable and trustworthy because it is not just her ideas, but she has used others who are educated to back up her statements. 4.…show more content…
Williams signals where the paraphrase is going to begin because she states “Howard L Andrews, an authority on radioactive fallout at the National Institutes of Health…” and then goes into what he stated. You can tell the paraphrase is over because she then begins to talk about herself, and the research/ questions she has. She brought him up in this paragraph to back up her statement that cancer may have come from these explosions. This person she chose is very trustworthy, so it makes her idea stronger. Instead of using a whole quote, she chooses to paraphrase probably because the whole quote would be

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