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*trial only Questionnaire (TEACHER) 1. What are the objectives behind implementing Tablet in teaching? Is it to get students engaged and keep them on task and focused or is it going to be just a sort of media consumption? 2. Is Tablet going to help the students in their skill building efforts? Will it be an addition of some value to their learning? What skills will it improve and how? 3. Are your students already familiar with the use of Tablet? How many of them have got a Tablet? Or the school provides the Tablet? 4. Did the school get parental permission to use Tablet with kids? If so, are their parents aware of how you are going to be using Tablet? Will you share this digital learning process of your learners with their parents? 5. Have you identified the potential problems you might run into while using Tablet in the classroom? Do you have alternative plans when things do not go as planned? 6. Does the lowest rank in class improve in academics because of using Tablet? 7. How familiar and handy are you with Tablet? Do you have the basic knowledge of how to search, find, install and use apps? 8. Are the students aware of the purposes of using Tablet in their learning? Are they provided with clear and strict rules as to how to handle it in the classroom? 9. Have you taught your students about digital citizenship and how they can stay safe online and protect their privacy? If not, are you planning to teach them digital citizenship before using any digital tool with them? 10. How ready are you to deal with unexpected incidents and unforeseen challenges? 11. Have you thought about the learning apps you are going to use with your students? Have you already installed them on your Tablet and tried them first before sharing them? Are these apps educational, student friendly and free Questionnaire (STUDENT) 1. Does

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