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Misty Dodson Professor Bowles English 100 10/08/2013 The Meaning of Life Reading Closely 1. Roger Cohen’s answer to the profound question that begins his essay is that “boredom definitely shortens life spans.” I believe it is somewhat adequate because it is true although there are other factors in shortening life. 2. Cohen means when he says that “life must be lived forward, but can only be understood backwards” that you must live in the present but to understand how to go forward in the present you must look in the past to see the mistakes that were made so you can fix them and move on and not make the same mistakes. 3. Yes I agree that boredom definitely shortens life spans because it makes you depressed and feel hopeless and helpless. 4. The nature of duality as Cohen defines it is “life without death would be miserable.” Strategies and Structures 1. I do not believe Cohen’s comparison of two rhesus monkeys provide sufficient evidence for his claims because monkeys are very different from humans and he would need to compare humans to verify his claims. 2. One of the specific details in Cohen’s description of the two primates that contribute especially well to the comparison that he is drawing them is-canto gets a restricted diet with 30 percent fewer calories than usual while owen gets to eat whatever the heck he wants. 3. The photo of owen and canto is relevant because it shows how different they look. 4. The story about cohens father at the London zoo applies to his essay because it explains how his father shaped his life and why he is interested in this kind of work. 5. The moral of cohens narratives and anecdote in this story give the story humor, sadness, and a sense of who cohen is and what he was feeling. Thinking about Language 1.

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