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Multiplication; 1. Both Anthony and Sara bought 5 chocolate bars each. How many do they have together? 2. If Farmer John had 5 rows of dirt to use for crop and wanted 5 plants planted in each. How many plants will Farmer John have? 3. Lauren has to paint 5 rooms. Each of which have 4 walls. How many walls will she have to paint? 4. There are 3 houses. Each house has 7 people living in it. How many people live in the houses? 5. Four children are playing tennis together. They all brought six balls. How many balls do they have total? Division; 1. There are 30 candies in Kathy's candy collection. If the candies are shared between herself and 2 friends, how many do they each get? 2. Deborah is inviting 5 friends to a party. She has 100 cookies. How many cookies will each friend get? 3. There are 7 students in the class and 49 candies. If the candies are shared equally among the students, how many does each student get? 4. There are 36 bananas in Diane's banana collection. If the bananas are organized into 6 groups, how big is each group? 5. Tim, Anthony & Sara want to share their bag of lollies between them. In the bag there are 75 lollies. How many do they each get? 6. If Cow Girl Jen has 32 cows on her paddock, and she wants to separate them into two paddocks. How many cows will be in each paddock? 7. If Luke worked for 4hours and earned $64, how much did he earn each

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