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I. Considerations A. Are there institutional requirements that must be met before you begin your study? No, 1. Approval by a thesis/dissertation committee? 2. An approval by an Institutional Review Board? OR 3. Approval by a Human Subjects Review Board? 4. Other? B. How much time are you planning for your study? C. What are the costs involved? D. Have you indentified the following (as needed)? 1. Consultants 2. Advisors 3. Statisticians 4. Collaborators 5. Reviewers 6. Co-investigators E. Which style manual are you going to follow? F. What equipment will you need? G. What are the purposes and rationales for your study? II. Identification of the problem(s) and development of the Research Questions. A. Identify the problem you want to investigate. Go from general to specific. B. Indicate the significance of the problem. C. Develop research questions, hypotheses, or null hypotheses that will be used to investigate the problem. D. What is the significance of your questions, hypotheses, or null hypotheses? E. Can you think of any problems that may hinder your work? III. Review of the Literature A. Develop key words for your literature search. B. What mechanisms to you propose using for your literature search? C. Identify how you will keep a record of the relevant literature you find. D. Develop files for your literature and categorize them in some fashion (topic, process, study type). E. List key points from the literature that is pertinent to your study. F. Will you have any problems carrying out your literature search? IV. Methods A. Will you do a quantitative or qualitative study? B. Describe your subjects and sample population. C. How will samples be drawn or assigned (inclusion/ exclusion criteria)? D. Describe the design of study you will do.

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