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1. What was the function of the personnel department circa 1900? 2. 21st Century. What is the purpose of Human Resource Management Today? 3. In a small company, who deals with HR issues? 4. What one activity or concept drives most everything we do in HR? 5. Definition: Staffing? 6. What are employee rights? 7. Who must be away of employee rights? 8. What are the four major roles of HR management? 9. The strategic focus of HR must be on__________? 10. How can HR professionals contribute strategically to their company? 11. Definition: What is a competitive advantage? 12. Definition: What is organizational culture? 13. Definition: What is the organizational climate? 14. What is HR planning? 15. What is one of the major HR challenges facing small businesses? 16. Why should we do a comprehensive analysis of all current jobs? 17. What is the purpose of the WARN (Worker Adjustment And Retraining Notification) Act? 18. Definition: Benchmarking? 19. Definition: Motivation? 20. Definition: What is negligent hiring? 21. Definition: What is negligent retention? 22. What is the psychological contract? 23. Research has found a close link between job satisfaction and________? 24. If a company has a high turnover rate in the first few months of employment what is the problem? 25. Why do employers offer flexible benefits and alternative work schedules? 26. Definition: Diversity? 27. What is (EEO) Equal Employment Opportunity Mean? 28. Definition: Protected Class? 29. Definition: Affirmative Action? 30. Definition: Bonafide Occupational Qualification? 31. What is disparate treatment? 32. What is disparate impact? 33. Definition: sexual harassment? 34. What is illegal discrimination? 35. According to the (ADA) American with Disabilities Act, what is a

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