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Accounting Qualification Question paper Level 2 Certificate for Accounting Technicians (QCF) Introductory accounting (IAC) Tuesday 1 December 2009 (afternoon) Time allowed - 3 hours plus 15 minutes’ reading time Please complete the following information in BLOCK CAPITALS: |Student member number | | | | |Venue code | |Date | | | | |Venue name | | Important: This exam paper is in two sections. You should try to complete every task in both sections. We recommend that you use the 15 minutes reading time to study the exam paper fully and carefully so that you understand what to do for each task. However, you may begin to write your answers within the reading time, if you wish. You should use a pen rather than a pencil. You must not, during the exam, communicate with any other candidate or be in possession of unauthorised materials, such as pre-prepared notes, books, programmable calculators and dictionaries. Any of these actions will constitute malpractice and will result in disciplinary action. If you are in possession of unauthorised materials you must give them to the Supervisor before the start of the exam. Do NOT open this paper until instructed to do so by the Supervisor. This exam paper is in TWO sections. You must show competence in BOTH sections. So, try to complete EVERY task in BOTH sections.

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