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QUESTIONS <Academic Writing Workshop> 1. A paragraph consists of a number of sentences that develop a single idea called a . a. demand b. topic c. generalization d. note 2. How long is a paragraph usually? a. four to eight sentences b. five to seven sentences c. four to seven sentences d. six to nine sentences 3. Which of the following is correct about the topic sentence? a. It doesn’t have to necessarily be a complete sentence; if it has the idea, it is fine. b. A topic sentence should have either a topic or a controlling idea. c. A topic sentence is the most general statement in the paragraph. d. A topic sentence is always the first sentence in a paragraph. 4. Supporting sentences or the topic sentence. (choose 2) a. explain b. describe c. locate d. prove 5. Choose the incorrect statement about the concluding sentence. a. A concluding sentence serves three purposes. b. It signals the end of the paragraph. c. It summarizes the main points of the paragraph. d. It repeats the topic in different words. <The Pit and the Pendulum> 1. What kind of animal helped ‘I’ get free from the ropes? a. mice b. dogs c. rabbits d. rats 2. Where was Edgar Allan Poe born? a. Baltimore b. Virginia c. New York d. London 3. Match the words to their meanings. a. agony - joined together b. merged - an extremely deep pit c. clammy - intense pain or suffering d. abyss - cold and sticky; sweaty 4. What is ‘a long, curved blade used for mowing or cutting grass’? a. pendulum b. pit c. scythe d. plates 5. How was ‘I’ rescued? a. The French army had entered Toledo. b. He escaped himself, using the rats as a source of help. c. General Lasalle pulled him out, holding his

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