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Ariana Fisher ANTHRO 101 5-15-12 [Chapter 8 Questions] 1. What does the alarm call most non human primates use suggest ? P. 187 (A) benefits of being social (B) that predation is a strong pressure (correct answer) (C) monogamous families 2. Most studies of primate behavior are…. P 178 (A) in captivity (B) field studies (correct answer) (C) in laboratories [Chapter 9 Questions] 3.What is stratigraphy? P.199 (A) layers of rock (B) study of the order of rock layers (Correct answer) (C) study of extinct organisms 4.What is lithostratigraphy? P.204 (A) dating techniques (B) study of geologic deposits and their formation (Correct answer) (C) the origin of the original source [Chapter 10 Questions] 5. Fossil hominids can be recognized by what? P.247 (A) facial prognathism (B) increased cranial size (C) bipedal characteristics reduced canine and CP3 complex size and palate shape (Correct answer) 6. The spinal column of bipedal hominids are…. P.239 (A) S-shaped curve (Correct answer) (B) C curved (C) straight 7. What is the earliest fossil hominid currently known? P.254 (A) robustus (B) afarensis (D) Australopithecus anamensis (Correct answer) [Chapter 11 Questions] 8 How did early hominids get food? P.276 (A) hunting and scavenging (B) aggressive scavenging (D) Both A amd B are correct (Correct answer) 9. In Java, what did Dubois find? P.289 (A) Pithecanthropus robustus (B) Homo erectus (Correct answer) (C) Homo habilis 10. Where were the oldest African H. erectus fossils found? P.285 (A) Turkana (B) Bouri Formation (C) Koobi For a (Correct answer) [Chapter 12 Questions] 11. What is the occipital bun? P.302 (A) back ward projecting bulge on the skull (Correct answer) (B) large nasal aperture (C) thick-boned , low cranial vault 12. Compared to modern humans was the Neandertals body…

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