Questioning Culture Among Malaysian Students Essay

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CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION 1. Background of the Study The Malaysian education system consists of education beginning from preschool to university. As stated in the ministry of higher education website, the primary education takes 6 years whereas secondary education takes up a total of 5 years (3 years of lower secondary and 2 years of upper secondary). The post-secondary education which is needed for entrance into universities takes about 1-2 years. Tertiary education can then be pursued at public or private universities. Malaysians also have the chance to pursue their studies overseas. During all these years of learning, students will not only learn the required curriculum but also to sharpen their soft skills. Students are encouraged to ask questions in class which will help to fine tune their critical thinking. As Hobson (2002) stated that critical thinking is actually how to ask questions. The problem that has been observed with Malaysian students is the lack of asking questions during class. The problem can be seen in all ages ranging from primary school up till university students. In a recent newspaper report it was stated by the International Advisory Panel (IAP) that Malaysian students get good grades in school but are still lacking inquisitiveness and will not question facts given to them (The Star May 2, 2007). In order to counteract this problem, teachers are trained to be more proactive and to promote interactions between teachers and students. Time slots are provided for question and answer sessions (Q&A). Even the government has played a part in transforming our students by doing collaboration between our public universities with international companies. The Malaysian Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said that these internship programmes will help to train our
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