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Questioning and Investigation Paper Hum/101

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  • on December 2, 2013
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Questioning and Investigation

Questioning and Investigation
      How you ask questions is very important in establishing the basis for effective communication. You always want to ask specific direct questions, if you want to hear a specific answer.   In this situation I would ask specific questions to other parents, doctors, and county and community personnel.   I would ask questions like what symptoms do the children have?   How long has this been going on?   Would the community or the county be willing to conduct an air, soil, water, and mold test in every home?   Is there mold in these homes?   What is the severity of the problem we are having?   Is anyone else in neighboring communities having the same problems?   Have any doctor’s been able to diagnose any of the problems?   I would begin my investigation by finding out where the community was built, if there had been any prior chemical or manufacturing buildings on the site.   I would also investigate how long this problem has been occurring, if there is something being spilled in to the community water systems illegally that could be making the people of the community sick.   We need to look and investigate this situation from all angles and use caution.   We do not want to scare the people in the community by going in full force and without rational minds.   We need to make people aware that there is a problem and we need to find a solution.   My strategy would be to do some strong investigation get the people involved.   Ask a lot of direct questions, and receive direct answers so that we can conduct a proper investigation.   Do specific research once we receive answers.   Need to make sure that all the necessary test is conducted to try and elevate any potential threats that may be causing the problem at hand.   The assumptions are a part of critical thinking.   When there is a problem or situation you always assume something automatically, but we need to conduct research and investigate to...

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