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1. Bordos’ essay, “Beauty (Re)discovers the Male Body,” is definitely constructed from a different perspective than most other essays. She does seem to develop certain points more than others, but I feel that it allows her readers to understand her idea, as she follows up each of her points with strong details and support. It seemed, as a reader that her concepts of pleasure and work tied in together. She makes her point, which is work, and backs it up with sarcasm or humor, which is pleasure. She balances the two out equally, which makes her essay fun and easy to read, despite its length and depth. For example, while she does spend time deconstructing advertisements and the way that men are perceived in the media verses the way that women are perceived, she also balances out that argument with a personal fact. “No, I don’t think the business of beauty is without its pleasure. It offers a daily ritual of transformation, renewal. Of “putting oneself together” and walking out into the world, more confident than you were, anticipating attraction, flirtation, sexual play. I love shopping for makeup with my friends.” “Women bond over shared makeup, shared beauty tips. It’s fun. Too often, though, our bond is over shared pain . . .” Beauty and looks are, in general, a shared burden of expectations between men and women. I appreciate the way in which Bordo uses work and pleasure in constructing her essay, although I do not feel that that style made this essay any easier or harder to read than others. The pace of the essay moves slowly, but it is directed in a powerful and meaningful way. 2. “Beauty (Re)discovers the Male Body,” is organized into subsections to mark various stages in the presentation of Bordos argument. The sections are organized internally according to the advertisements she discusses or the movie scenes she analyzes. Each section has an italicized

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