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Birmingham City University Faculty of Health Undergraduate Nursing Pre-entry Testing Literacy Assessment – Sample Test Paper This provides you with a sample of questions designed to test your basic literacy skills as part of the recruitment and selection process for the BSc (Hon’s) Nursing Programme (Adult, Child, Mental Health and Learning Disabilities) offered here at Birmingham City University. The requirement for this testing has been developed following the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) (2010) standards for pre-registration nursing education. Standard 3 of the NMC (2010) publication details the selection and admission process to ensure an open and fair process for all candidates applying for pre-registration nurse training. On your interview day this literacy test will be undertaken electronically thus also demonstrating your basic IT skills. Good luck Regards Birmingham City University Pre-registration Nursing Admissions Tutors Sample Literacy Test You have been allocated thirty minutes in which to complete this test. During this test you are not permitted to use a dictionary. The test has been designed to test your basic literacy skills and includes the following; Spelling Punctuation and grammar Question 1 Homecoming is an example of a compound word. Please match the word on the left with an appropriate word on the right to create a suitable word by joining with a line. Tin Sweet Pop Hob Steam Over ship lap foil corn meat nail Question 2 Please circle the most suitable adverb for the gap in this sentence. The presenter ……………………captivated the audience. spitefully successfully tightly boastfully Question 3 Please circle the most appropriate word to complete this sentence. The diamond ring weighed at least 2………….. carrots karats carats carets Question 4 Please circle the right pronoun to correctly finish this sentence. I have a feeling that ……….

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