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Research Title: Touch-Computing Devices and Other Technological Innovations at Its Peak: A Study of the Perspectives of USLS Students and Inhabitants of Bacolod. Research Questions/Objectives of the Study: 1. To let others know what touch-computing and technology really means. 2. To determine the advantages and disadvantages of touch-computing and future innovations do on the academic performance of some USLS students and other inhabitants of Bacolod. 3. To determine the changes touch-computing and other technology brought on USLS students and other inhabitants of Bacolod. 4. To give ideas about technology. Researchers’ Names: ______________________________ Course & Section: ____________ Respondent’s Profile Name (optional): _______ Sex: _____ Age: ____ Course &Section: ___ 1. Are you a techie? Yes____ No____ 2. Can you give 3 modern innovations that helps you on your studies? 1.____________ 2.____________ 3.____________ 3. In your own perspectives, do you think those innovations you have stated above can help you attain your goals? Yes____ No____ 4. In your own perspectives, what changes did technologies did to us (mentally, spiritually, physically)? (Please put a check mark before your reply.) ________Made us Lazier ________ Made us dependent ________Made us smarter ________ Made us less sociable 5. Do you agree that technology can help solve your problems/crisis on life? (Please put a check mark before your reply.) ________ Agree ________ Disagree ________ Strongly Agree ________ Strongly Disagree 6. Are you truly dependent on technology? (Please put a check mark before your

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