Queensryche [Operation: Mindcrime] Essay

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The first song of this album starts with a ringing of telephone. It piqued my interest, since other artists don’t usually try this. The appearance of a nurse, It was enough for the listeners to recognize the uniqueness of this album. “I remember now,” the eerie voice of a man, then starts the story. Anarchy-X led by Doctor-X, the shout of the revolutionaries makes me visualize Nicky searching for the genuine freedom with passion and zeal. Revolution calling, this song pointed out the serious problems in the society. The world filled up with crooks who are craving for fame and money. He is criticizing the corruptions and worships we do for money. Nicky was telling people that they needed the change; the revolution coming. Operation: Mindcrime, it is the main track of this album. Doctor-X successfully “persuades” Nicky to join Anarchy-X by Doctor-X. “Operation: Mindcrime. We are an underground revolution working overtime.” The repetition of the sound made it sound like brainwashing rather than persuading. “Speak the word. The word is all of us.” Nicky follows Doctor-X’s orders and starts to kill people. He is bent on submission. Revolution=new beginning; Nicky’s faith towards Dr-X grows bigger; “to reach some point of order, Utopia in mind. You've got to learn to sacrifice to leave what's now behind.” Spreading the disease, the disease is representing sex and religion. The contradiction made by people with power. With the story of a girl called Mary as an example, he starts to criticize phonies with great power. The mission, it was accomplished by Nicky, and world was changed by him. However, as he feels love toward Mary, he suffers from the confusion. He tries to assure himself by saying “we will change the world; we will stand proud.” However, he is not sure about the game. Suite Sister Mary, she is the girl who Dr-X commands to kill. It was raining and

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