Queen Nefertiti Essay

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When people are taught about Ancient Egypt, many people instantaneously think of the infamous Queen Nefertiti. When translated, her name means, “the beautiful woman has come”. She was a well known Egyptian Queen and several have even believed she is even more legendary than her husband, King Akhenaton (Amenhotep IV). She is known for her iconic status, beauty, grace and being the 18th dynasty in 1351 BC. Even though Akhenaton had several other wives, he seemed to be completely immersed in thoughts about her. The Queen was known to have 6 daughters and was the mother-in-law of famous soon to be King Tutankhamen. People from all over the world still call her, “The Most Beautiful Woman in The World”. When Nefertiti was born, it is still an unknown fact about whether or not she was born into a royal bloodline. It is said that she is the daughter of an army officer named Ay and the mother is not yet known. She has a sister named Mutnodjmet and society has always pondered about how jealous the half-sister would be of Nefertiti. The Queen Nefertiti was only fifteen when she came into the reign of power and Mutnodjmet was only two years younger at a tender age of thirteen. Mutnodjmet is known to be the half-sister of Nefertiti and the daughter of Ay and Tey. Although Nefertiti’s mother is still unknown, evidence has shown society that Tey was Nefertiti’s caretaker as a young child. It is not known if Tey is Nefertiti’s mother and has only been acknowledged as her “nurse”. Overall, Nefertiti had a lot of family and is partly known for her relationships with family. The infamous Queen was only a teenager when she was betrothed. She became King Akhenaton’s Chief Royal wife and the two seemed to be inseparable in early times. Although, Nefertiti shared King Akhenaton with two other royal wives, Mekytaten and Ankhesenpaaten he seemed to be very in love with Nefertiti. In one

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