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Queen Isabella Queen Isabella was a strong minded and determined woman who had a strong religious belief in Christianity. She was married to Ferdinand and he was King of Aragon. She continued to take control and protect her country as well as taking the responsibility of being a wife and a mother of five. Queen Isabella and her husband together accomplished Reconquista. She strived to unite Spain with Castile and Aragon and succeeded as an effective leader. Muslims and Jews of Spain did not believe in Christianity so this became a conflict to Queen Isabella uniting Spain. Muslims and Jews had accepted Christianity on the face of it but were suspected to have been practicing their own faith secretly “Queen Isabella of Castile” pg1. She felt betrayed by them. After the discovery of their secret practice she wanted them to believe in Christianity fully and not partially. “Queen Isabella of Castile” stated that Muslims ruled and controlled many parts of Spain pg1. Because of this large number of Muslims and Jews in Spain the Christian word couldn’t be spread effectively. She needed to outnumber them, eliminate them, or convert them. Carroll stated that Muslims in Granada were always threatening Christian Spain Pg2 of 3. With threats floating around people would begin to run away from the thoughts of Christianity because they felt they would be harmed. So she had to put an end to the intimidations and terrorism. Queen Isabella improved businesses and spread Christianity. Queen Isabella was not a selfish ruler because she made it easier for everyone that needed help. Her and her husband established a highly effective coherency under equal terms “Queen Isabella” pg. 3 of 6. With him helping her perform any mandatory actions she was able to accomplish some revising of services. A lot of violence occurred during this time of power because many people disagreed with

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