Queen Elizabeth I Essay

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Queen Elizabeth I of England (1533 – 1603) Often considered by many historians as England’s greatest monarch, Queen Elizabeth I ruled England during an age that saw the expansion of the British monarchy to North America with voyages of discovery. Although her reign saw many accomplishments that pushed Britain forward as one of the leading economic and military powers in the world, it was also included plots and assassinations that were intended for or falsely accused the queen, and controversies such as her claims of being a virgin and the amount of influence that her privy council of advisers had over her. Elizabeth's birth dramatically altered the course of English history. Although King Henry VIII of the Tudor dynasty had an illegitimate son, he needed an heir from a queen to properly continue the dynasty. His first child to survive was Mary, born to Catherine of Aragon, Henry’s first wife. After it was clear that Catherine could give him no more children, he ended his marriage, which provoked the English Reformation. Henry married the already pregnant Anne Boleyn, who gave birth to Elizabeth on September 7, 1533. At the age of two she became motherless as the accusations of adultery, which were drummed up by Henry, sent her mother to be executed. She had a younger brother Edward, by Henry’s third wife, Jane Seymour, and who would follow his father as king. With two older siblings, no one at the time expected Elizabeth to accomplish much. While being the daughter of a king, Elizabeth had educational opportunities that were not available for most women of her age. Elizabeth was taught a range of different lessons as part of a standard curriculum for the royal children. Her studies included languages, grammar, theology, history, rhetoric, logic, philosophy, arithmetic, logic, literature, geometry and music
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