Queen Elizabeth I Essay

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On November 7, 1558 Queen Elizabeth I ascended the throne after the death of her half sister Queen Mary. Queen Elizabeth was the second child of Henry VII of England and the first child for Anne Boleyn. Her father executed Anne Boleyn when Elizabeth was two and that left an impression on Elizabeth. People noticed the intelligence of Elizabeth her tutor Roger Ascham a teacher at Cambridge University said “ Her study of true religion and learning is most energetic … Her mind has no womanly weakness, her perseverance is equal to that of any man, and her memory long retains that which it readily grasps… When she writes in Greek and Latin , nothing more beautiful than her handwriting… She is as much delighted with music as she is skilful in that art. In adornment of person she aims at elegance rather than show…[with] contempt of gold and elaborate headdress." (Hollihan 19) Even as she was growing up people saw something different in her. After her father died her step brother Edward took the throne. Edward passed away in his teens and Mary, the child from Henry’s first marriage with Catherine of Aragon, took the throne. Mary wanted to restore England back to Catholism. When Mary took the throne in 1553 the country was happy and they saw the sisters united riding into the palace but that soon changed. Mary was headstrong about England turning back to Catholism. She executed hundreds of protestants. During this time even through Elizabeth was a protestant, she played along and practiced Catholism. After Mary's death in 1558, she had recognised Elizabeth as the heir to the throne. Elizabeth throughout her reign she brought stability to England. Her sister Mary had made a very big mess and people were unsure about what to think of Elizabeth. She was able to win her people`s love. She named herself the Virgin Queen and refused to
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