Queen Elizabeth: a Role Model to All Women

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"I know I have the body but of a weak and feeble woman; but I have the heart and stomach of a king, and of a king of England too,” was said by a brave woman in 1588. As I honor my lady’s words, I have fostered myself into becoming the lionhearted woman that I am today. If I can spend a day talking with anyone in history, I would cull Queen Elizabeth the First. I have spent many of my days admiring her valiant actions, but I have come to realize, the Queen and I have many things in common. One in particular that has aggravated us the most, was our capabilities being greatly undermined. During a time when women were thought to be the inferior sex, Queen Elizabeth proved to all citizens that she could rise above stereotypical expectations. She vainly refused to marry and ruled, successfully, without a male-counterpart for almost forty-five years. Queen Elizabeth’s actions are inspirational, as their impact have altered the course of history. Like Queen Elizabeth, the people that had guided me, the friends in which I trusted, and even the educators, turned their heads away, they thought I was “weak and feeble” when they soon learned I had an anxiety disorder. The room is closing in on me, my body is in a rush. I seek to withdraw; tremor takes over. Everyone is staring, I feel out of breath. I yearn to get out; I feel a threat. I am having a heart attack; my heart is in a race. I believe I was mistaken as inferior, when I was instituted in a homebound program. Although it took some time, with a heap of determination and a collection of love, I climbed my mountain; I reached my goal, I transferred myself into school, into a world I fear, full of closed rooms and strangers I can‘t bare to see. Like Queen Elizabeth, I could not have done it without a courageous group, in my case the Women of Tomorrow, and the wisdom of the Queen herself, as I

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