Queen Elizabeth 1 as an Absolute Ruler

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Queen Mary’s tumultuous reign over England culminated in her death, which enabled her younger half-sister Elizabeth to ascend to the throne. Elizabeth inherited a country wrought with religious turmoil, political unrest and economic despair. England was facing one of its worst periods when Elizabeth was crowned Queen. Her goal was to ensure that England returned to its state as one of the world’s most powerful nations and to create an empire filled with peace and prosperity, allow for religious control in moderation and encourage a strong development of arts and literature in England. All of this she achieved as an absolute leader, meaning she had complete control of a majority of England and its people. Ultimately, her decisions led to the expansion and development of the modern Commonwealth; by establishing a strong English military presence; allow for religious control in moderation and encourage a strong development for literature in English. Queen Elizabeth I played an important role in England’s military. She would oversee many incoming soldiers entering the navy or army in order to increase morale among the troops and ensure England was prepared for battle. She had an extensive military presence that, for example, included personally addressing troops in Essex before the Spanish Armada attacked. Part of her role as absolute leader included funding the military exploration of overseas territories by Sir Francis Drake and fellow privateers. She handled reports of them taking over ships and territories in the south and monitored progress of their travels around the globe. This activity led to England securing many colonies worldwide, largely due to Queen Elizabeth’s involvement with the exploration process. Elizabeth handled many rebellions from Ireland and Northern Territories, personally choosing members of her court who she believed were best suited to handle
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