Queen Bees Vs. Wannabees

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Rosalind Wiseman Queen Bees and Wannabes Non-fiction teen parenting novel Crown Publishers 2002 I originally saw my teacher reading this book and she recommended it to me and all teenage girls to better identify themselves with their parents and to better accept and understand the young women them. I am not an avid reader but I usually prefer fiction books with intense personal story lines. I enjoy fiction that makes you believe it is real. These are books such as gossip girl or little women. The Main character in this book is truly the author; she spent years researching for and writing this book. She shares her opinion and detailed explanations about how to deal with situations. She helps mothers to identify their daughters and their daughter’s friends. In addition this book follows multiple topics with coupling antidotes and girl’s responses and comments. One of the often recurring girls is Gabriella. She is an extremely popular 16 year old girl who struggles to understand how she is perceived rude, exclusive and bitchy. Although she continues to make comments such as, “My group has rules about everything. There are seven of us and there can only be seven. I mean, we have kicked people out for breaking the rules and only then can we add someone” (Wiseman 37). This book follows a story line that takes the reader through basic understanding of their daughters to then full depth examination of themselves, their children, and their relationships. In conclusion it aids mothers in changing or perfecting their techniques to better help them relate to their daughters. Two specific literary devices she uses are anecdotes and emotional appeal. She places anecdotes from herself, teen girls and mothers in the book to help mother relate their situation and better understand situations of other teens and mothers. She uses heavy emotional appeal to help mothers to
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