Quebec From Canada Case Study

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What is the case for the separation of Quebec from Canada? What is your opinion? For us to have a clear cut opinion on whether Quebec should succeed from Canada we need to understand a few aspects of the debate. The pros and cons of an independent Quebec in a political economical and social view. We need to understand Quebec’s history and the right to claim this territory by francophone. When we speak about the separation of Quebec from Canada we refer to the movement of the francophone in the 1960’s lead by General de Gaulle to form an independent state of Quebec in Canada. However the francophone movement toward independence dates back 1763. To understand this we need to look at Canadian history. Jacques Cartier, a French explorer arrived at the shores of Canada in 1534 and took possession of the land that has been occupied by Indians for centuries prior. This new French colony expanded rapidly. During this period the French and the British were at war in Europe and the fact that they both occupied portions…show more content…
The time period proceeding was characterized by traditionalism and conservatism, which caused the province to fall behind other cultures. The three major components of the French Canadian thought during this period were agriculturalism, ‘unbounded love for agriculture’ (Claude Bélanger, 2000), anti-statism and messianism. Quebec entered resolutely into a phase of modernisation, ‘its outlook became more secular, much of the traditionalism that characterized the past was replaced by increasingly liberal attitudes, long standing demographic tendencies, associated with a traditional rural way of life (high marriage, birth and fertility rates)’ (Claude Bélanger, 2000), Values of the past were reversed only nationalism continued with vigour but in a significant altered
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