Quaritch's Purpose To Participate In The Avatar Program

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Eriberto Guzman History 17a May 28, 2014 Avatar In the year 2154 Jake Sully was selected to participate in the Avatar Program. Jake Sully is a former U.S. Marine paralyzed from the waist down because of wounds suffered from combat. Jake had a twin brother named Tom Sully who was supposed to take the Avatar Program, but unfortunately he was killed by a man who robbed him for his money. Colonel Miles Quaritch is a military veteran and is in charge of the security on the colony. Quaritch welcomes the military soldiers and informs them on Pandora. Pandora is mostly covered with rain forests and wildlife, as well as the home to the primitive Na'vi. The Na'vi is a sentient race of tall and blue skinned humanoids. In Jake's avatar form he learns how to bond and control his flying mountain banshee. Jake also gains the respect and regard from…show more content…
On the other hand, Jake also continues to earn the jealousy and annoyance of Tsu'tey. Tsu'tey is Neytiri's brother and is next in line to be the clan leader of their tribe. Jake reports back to Colonel Quaritch with all information and details of the tribes culture and population. The Colonel wants Jake to begin planning on convincing the tribe to leave the Hometree. Unfortunately, Jake is now unwilling and tired of his human peers plan to take advantage of the moon's resources. Jake tells the Colonel that he will try to convince the tribe once he is made a part of the People. That very same night Jake receieves the ceremony where the tribe considers him as one of their own and made a part of the People. Jake is now part of the Omaticaya clan and is able to choose his mate. He picks Neytiri and spends that same night mating at the Tree of Voices. Jake and Neytiri is now mated for life. After mating Jake and Neytiri wakes up and discovers several bulldozers sent by the Colonel to destroy the nearby forests. Jake destroys one of the bulldozers's camera while he is trying to stop them. Jake and grace suddenly get sent back
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