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Comparison of Transformational Leadership vs. Quantum Leadership Linda S. Powell Ohio State University Comparison of Transformational Leadership vs. Quantum Leadership Introduction The health care industry is sorely in need of new leadership. Revamping health care is a complex and difficult task. But, the old rules are not working. Patient quality is not what it could be. Outcomes are not improving like people thought they would and costs are among the absolute highest in the world. Our health care system is trying to handle the multitude of demands with ever-changing regulations as well as maintain a profit for the variety of stakeholders. (Blumethal, 2012) At the end of the twentieth century, transformational leadership style was one of the leading theories utilized to address these challenges. Now at the beginning of the twenty-first century, a leadership style has emerged combining various disciplines to redefine leadership: This new synthesis is called Quantum Leadership. This paper will compare and contrast these two leadership paradigms. (Taylor, 2009) (Weberg, 2012) Summary of Transformational Leadership There are four concepts related to transformational leadership: influence, inspiration, individualization and innovation. Transformational theory was based on the idea that positive motivation will enable employees/followers to invest in the organization (inspiration). And this "buy-in" will improve the service and quality of the organization (innovation). The theory contends that a transformational leader inspires the group to identify with the organization and then its goals become the goals of the followers (influence). The leader impacts the followers by developing trust and respect and demonstrating genuine interest in each individual (individualization). The leader becomes a cheerleader and a mentor garnering admiration from

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