Quantative Reasoning for Business Overview

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Running Head: QUANTITATIVE REASONING FOR BUSINESS OVERVIEW COURSE Quantitative Reasoning for Business Overview Course University of Phoenix MGT/521 Abstract The Quantative Reasoning for Business Overview Course will be an essential class that will prepare me to evaluate data, make forecasts and work through problems to make more informed decisions as a manger. My ambition is to become an executive director of an organization. Being in a position of this stature would require me to be able to utilize my analytical skills to make important decisions regarding the organization; therefore making this significant in my course of study. Quantitative Reasoning The Executive Director is responsible for the overall management and operation of an organization. In addition he is responsible for the protection of the organization’s financial assets. Since I am pursuing a position as an executive director, the Quantitative Reasoning for Business course will play a significant role in equipping me with the capacity to understand and explain the world in quantitative terms. Quantitative Reasoning Course The Quantitative Reasoning Course at the University of Phoenix will ensure that I am able to use the appropriate tools such as mathematical equations and formulas, probability calculation and forecasting tools to allow me to do a better job. Some of the things I will be able to do that are required of an executive director are to set baselines and compare our performance against them, be able to efficiently use past financial data to forecast future contributions and expenses, and be able to effectively balance risk and return with our investment choices. These skills will not only help me with my job but will also help me in future classes throughout my MBA program. Economics, Accounting and

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