Quality Time Redefined Essay

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Multimedia and social media is plaguing quality time amongst family and friends. The value of time the youth feel they are having is much different now than the previous generation. Although we now have the availability to get in touch with just about anyone at just about any time, it seems we are subconsciously distancing ourselves. In Alex William’s article “Quality Time Redefined” he describes how the University of Wisconsin’s director of the Center for Communication Research, Joanne Cantor, suggest that “it’s almost as if adults and older children are reverting to a form of ‘parallel play,’ the developmental stage when toddlers sit beside each other in silence, playing with toys of their own” (Williams 178). This “parallel play” is becoming increasingly more common with each new generation. The lack of quality of emotional and intimate relationships is gradually affecting the psychological growth and human connection within present day society. Growing up in the 1990’s my elementary…show more content…
If couples are spending a great amount of time in front of a T.V., laptop, or smart phone and not actively engaging with each other, it makes complete sense that their relationship will end up suffering. This scenario can be said about any relationship: family, friends, co-workers, etc. On top of the social consequences a recently large study done by the American Academy of Pediatrics and Canadian Society of Pediatrics is encouraging parents to limit technology use for infants and children. According to the study, excessive technology use is affecting our rapid brain growth, delayed development, epidemic obesity, sleep deprivation, and even mental illness. It has come to a point where there are now many technological addictions, internet, video games, mobile devices, etc. (Rowan, Cris, "10 Reasons Why Handheld Devices Should Be Banned for Children Under the Age of 12" The Huffington Post,
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