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QUALITY CONTROL • focuses on product and the detection and control of quality problems; • involves testing samples of product to ensure that they comply with specifications and thereby infers compliance of all products on a statistical basis; • is carried out at various stages through the production process; • relies on trained production personnel and quality control professionals. QUALITY ASSURANCE • focuses on building quality into processes to prevent quality problems in products or services; • involves monitoring and managing processes (including inspection and quality control) to ensure quality; • occurs during every stage in all of the organisation's processes from design to delivery; • places greater reliance on technological innovations for quality improvements; and • relies on every person in the organisation TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT (TQM) Current total quality management has a broad focus: • the emphasis is on more than just the product; • everyone in the organisation is responsible for quality; • participative team- based approaches to improvement are promoted; and • the interests of the customer are central and strongly emphasised THE EUROPEAN EXPERIENCE Post - World War 11, • Systematic standards-based quality assurance developed on a national basis with the British playing a leading role • relatively rapid development and adoption of common quality system standards from the 1970s onwards. • 1980s on, a more comprehensive approach to the total management of quality integrating the aspects of quality assurance and quality improvement. THE AMERICAN EXPERIENCE Pioneering work undertaken by Waiter Shewhart at Bell Laboratories in the 192Os: • aimed specifically at the production process • and used statistical tools to provide a more effective means of production quality control. SHEWHART'S

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