Quality Teaching And Quality Learning

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Quality teaching and quality learning It is said that teachers are born and not made but teacher education has proved that teachers can also be made. Due to liberalisation, privatisation and globalisation the quality has become a pivotal concern in the present society. Quality in education means pursuit of excellence consistency, fairness and satisfaction of needs and appropriate development of resources. Quality is a continuous process with different meaning to different person. In fact there is a correlation between quality teaching and quality learning. Quality teaching and learning are centre stage on the current schooling agenda. Quality education should not be regarded as a process of consumption, but as a process of interaction between teachers and students. Education must aim at giving the students Opportunities for personal development and confidence to adapt to new situations as well as change these, when they find that necessary. Education can never be a neutral process; it will always be value based. Quality teaching has become an issue of importance as the landscape of higher education has been facing continuous changes: increased international competition, increasing social and geographical diversity of the student body, increasing demands of value for money, introduction of information technologies. Teacher is the dynamic force of the educational system. Education without teacher is just like a body without soul. Teacher is the yardstick that measures the achievement and aspiration of the nation. . In order for values education to become part and parcel of mainstream of schooling, found the closest possible links to be found between it and the world of teachers and schools. Quality teaching is based on common sense level of the teacher, self efficacy, knowledge of subject matter and mastery over communication technology. These qualities are
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