Quality of Work Programs Essay

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Abstract A quality of work life program is a program(s) that empowers all employees in work-related issues. This paper will convey the aspects of the Saturn Corporation quality of work life programs; convey how Saturn can be confident in their employees’ ability to perform task and assume responsibility for the outcome; explain why large organization would take on a Greenfield project, and the implication behind such a venture; and foreseeable problems that the company could face in the future, as well as suggestions as to how to avert them as a conclusion. Introduction Characteristics of the old labor-management model was forged due to the success of the U. S. in globally dominating key industries and their markets, after emerging from World War II with an intact production base. This lead to an industry ambience or atmosphere that did not consider cost or quality and with a redefining of rules and regulations concerning policies, labor agreements, workplace conditions, and practices resulted in labor unions, which were never completely accepted by management, caused a rift between large companies and labor movement , which left a large disengaged workforce Other contributors to the demise of the traditional American labor model was that; it seemed incapable of recognizing and responding to changes and it generally failed to acknowledge that labor and management had a mutual responsibility for creating and distributing wealth . (www.restructassoc.com, 2004). Since the 1980s with driving radical changes that comes with globalization, such as, intense competition, technological advancements, and changing demographics in the workplace and labor-management relations. Because these issues involve a vast amount of complexities (Greer, 2001, pg. 79), the legal environment has an imperative involvement in human resource management, because the laws and
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