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Matt Moskowitz August 1st, 2011 Andrew Purrington A Greater Quality of Life Many refugees flee to the United States in order to receive freedoms and a superior quality of life that they did not have before. Is America truly the best place these refugees should be migrating to in order to receiver the best quality of life? Quite simply, it is not. The United States has always been viewed as “The land of the free and the home of the brave,” which is very attractive to a vast number of immigrants. In reality, the United States is all of these concepts but does not have the best quality of life. Other countries across the world such as France, Australia and New Zealand have a predominant quality of life that surpasses that of the United States. When measuring quality of life, people have to take into account many different aspects. Aspects include cost of living, culture, leisure, freedom health, environment, safety and risk. When comparing these aspects from foreign countries to aspects of the United States, one side is clearly more preferable. If one is looking for a prevailing quality of life, the United States is the inferior one choice when compared to other nations. When evaluating quality of life it is difficult to clearly have set criteria to base it off of. If evaluating quality of life, wealth of the nation does not overshadow other aspects for this concept. For example, “The main reason the United States if richer is because...they work about 20% more hours per year than Europeans (newfederalist).” Based off of this study, we see that while Americans are wealthier, they are working a lot more strenuously to make this money. Stress levels among citizens living in the United States are much higher than in France. Americans are stressed with deadlines and work while in France the work is not as strenuous. When comparing health cares

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