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Quality Management Position Paper MGMT 4650: Managing For Quality Dr. Damodar Gohlar Abstract The improved quality of management has become an increasingly popular method used by organizations around the world. It is necessary for organizations to adopt a relationship which incorporates the key elements to further understand their internal and external environments. The first step an organization should pursue is to identify their target market. This step allows an organization to focus their resources entirely to the specified customer. This will help distinguish key aspects that will soon be integrated into products or services. The following is the incorporation of a process which views quality as a continually improving aspect of the organization. A continuous improvement program may take one of a variety of forms depending on the structure of the company. A number of tools and process strategies are available to guide a company in its implementation and leadership style when attempting to improve quality. The underlying theme to sustained improvement is a long term commitment to the process by management and employees alike. Engaging line employees in the day to day quality issues faced by a company is a valuable way to collect information about customer desires and needs and promote quality process improvement that is initiated by the employees. Through the use of self-managed work teams employees can be empowered to act in the best interest of the company. Looking at the processes that quality management affects it is important to note the challenges of implementing these systems into a company. The purpose of quality management is the improvement of a business processes and while looking forward it is possible to see the future of quality management by its criteria used today. Table of Contents Introduction . . . .

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