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Quality Management Reaction Paper Kimberly McNeilus Barry Forbes Critiqued by Christi Daniels Quality Management 310 9 October 2013 In NUTS! Southwest Airlines became a successful company, not only by making money, but by their strategy of management was what brought them loyal customers and employees to work. The author, Kevin Freiberg, was very passionate about this company. For the most part, I agreed with the points that he brought to the readers attention. His book helped me become a better manager for my photography business that I want to initiate very soon. Most of the information provided from the book encouraged me to want a passionate and appreciative understanding for those who have struggled in the past. One Great Big Family meant a lot to me because it amazed me to see a company be able to maintain a family and team strategy that helped each team member achieve excellent service to the company. Unfortunately, most companies today have one mission, and it is by making the most money. An article written by Glenn Llopis from Forbes Magazine, talks about how leaders should build a family environment to fulfill success in the company. He says, “Everyone Must Protect One Another Lead with kindness and intention. Leadership by fear limits the growth of your employees and the opportunities for achievement. Treat your employees like family. Have each other’s back and always help one another improve; talent discovered and used in the right situations can seize opportunities rightly.” This statement helps me strive for a better environment in the work place. According to a study done at Texas A&M, it reveals that family-owned businesses were beating other firms in revenue and employment growth. This is a true statement because Southwest Airlines hired people that had good intentions to help each other out, which provided that “family

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