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Introduction Wijaya Industries is a company which involved in printing and manufacturing note books, story books, text books etc. The owner of the Wijaya industries is Mr. Wijaya Weerasekera and it is being there in the business for more than 20 years recording considerable amount of profits. The company is situated in Kirulapona and it renowned for quality printing and perfect binding of books, papers etc. Currently the external customers of Wijaya industries are JMC and Achievers Lanka Business School. Apart from printing text books, they are engaged in manufacturing Wijaya note books as well in various types such as single rule, square rule, CR books, botany books etc. The objective of the owner of Wijaya industries is to expand his business and achieve profits in the long run. 1. Management Philosophy A business should always comply with local, national and international Laws and regulations as well as conduct its business operations with honesty and integrity obeying the five natural laws. Management Philosophy says how the company should run according to the expectations of the society and how the company should treat their stakeholders. Following are some of the philosophies which companies can adopt when running its operations. 01. KAIZEN Kaizen means improvement. Moreover, it means continuing improvement in personal life, home life, social life and working life when applied to the work place. Kaizen means continuing improvement involving everyone, managers and workers alike. In other words Kaizen is planning for abandonment where; KAI – Impermanent Change ZEN – Non Separation Further when looked at Kaizen, it’s a policy of constantly introducing small incremental changes in a business in order to improve quality and/or efficiency. This approach assumes that employees are the best people to identify room for improvement, since they see the

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