Quality Management Essay

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e. Change Management Any changes of the project must be reviewed by project manager and need to meet the following requirements that list below. * A Change order must be submitted by the Change Management Plan documents which is created during the planning phase of the project and tacks the necessary information required to effectively manage project change from project inception to delivery. * All change must be reviewed and approved by project manager, project team, project sponsor and any senior leaders. * If approved, make the necessary adjustments to carry out the requested change and communicate status to the submitter and other stakeholders f. Training Requirements * User traning will be followed by the email and on-line company web site. * The design of the forms will be simple and easy to fill. * Users will have their step hit for the first time. g. Communications Communications between stakeholders and project team members will be required through the entire project process. Also, attend the meeting to help parties, which involved in this project can follow up the progress and provide useful advice. * Status meetings: Bi-weekly between departments * Progress update meetings: Bi-weekly between sponsor and project team * Team review meeting: Weekly between team members. * Final project report: Once at the end of the project, sponsor, head of the departments and project manager should attend. All the agenda must be emailed to every present member. If there is any further suggestion or issues, it can be reported to the project manager. Moreover, it is an urgent situation then a additional meeting should be held instead of wait to the next scheduled

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