Quality Management Essay

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INTRODUCTION Presently, most industries are faced with the challenge of product innovation, product differentiation, lead time reduction and quality improvement and maintenance plans. These strategic steps of product utility stem from the growing quest to achieve customer satisfaction and dwindling life cycle of product. Though the optimization of other functioning departments of the manufacturing sector, production management remains one of the key dominant in modern industries as the success of companies in this sector chiefly rely on production decision performances, on the production mix at the right time and lower cost. In order to achieve these, production planning and scheduling is performed thereby managing the manufacturing processes of the product along its supply chain operation. It is also necessary to equitably distribute the production load of the product across the limited production resources of the plant over a time horizon in order to reduce production cost. The assignment covers quality management, lean and total production management production system and design for manufacture and analysis. 1a. (i) Discus the dimension of quality that Badger’s Company currently has in place ANSWER Badger’s Company like every other company is committed to product quality management. This they do so as to meet high end customer quality towards maintaining customer relationship, trust and loyalty. Slack (2007) viewed quality as a performance indicator which every business venture strives to attain. Therefore to attain this performance, Badger has the following dimensions of quality in practice; choosing of supplier, monitoring of ingredient, keeping equipment in good condition, monitoring output across each level in the production process, recalling defected product and employee training. Choosing of supplier Badger’s Company has in its supply chain

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