Quality Management Essay

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Quality Management Local vs. Global Company Quality There is no absolute definition of quality. The quality in relation to the products may be defined as fit for the purpose. The more it fit for the purpose more quality product it is. We may also define quality as consistently producing what the customer wants while reducing errors before and after delivery to the customer before and after delivery to the customer. The quality is when customer’s expectation are met or exceeded. Quality is ever changing and dynamic phenomenon; a product may have been a quality product in past but no more a quality product today. Elements of Quality The key elements of total quality consist of strategically based, customer focus, obsession with quality, scientific approach, long-term commitment, teamwork, continual process improvement, education and training, and freedom control.( (Goetsch, 2010) Other elements include unity and purpose and employee involvement and empowerment. Strategically focus means that organization should have a vision, mission and objective and all activities must be carried out to achieve these objectives. Quality goods should be focused towards customers and people associated with it. Obsession with quality requires all employees to always be focused on bringing the organization to higher level. The scientific approach relates to the structure of the work and being able to make decisions and solve problems that relate to the organization. Freedom through control ensures that employees use their full potential to solve issues. Teamwork can improve processes or products and create competitive advantages within the organization. Long-term commitment to the total quality management system is important as it explores a new way of doing business to be successful. Continual process improvement, education, and training are essential to improve systems

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