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1. The features in the modern automobile that are customer driven are the entire automobile. Automobiles were first created for customers to buy and therefore the creation and production of the automobile was customer driven and still is today. Every feature that has been development and implemented in the automobile is the direct result of trying to attract customers to buy that automobile. Every feature from automatic transmissions, GPS systems, cup holders, air bags and turbo charged engines are features that have advanced the automobile so that customers will buy new models and spend money on extra options. Many features of the automobile have become standard such as sun visors, cup holders and spare tires. Other features are required…show more content…
The world evolved from Henry Ford’s attitude to the modern attitude of customer-driven quality through the formation of competition in the automobile sector. Customers are always looking for the best deal, the best model to fit their life and the automobile that will outlast the competition. Nowadays people want a safe, reliable and sometimes fun automobile. People want a pink one. People want an automobile that looks like a bug. People want a fast one. Overall, the customer wants what he/she wants and automobile manufacturers strive to keep up with the demand and are continually improving, redesigning and upgrading to meet these high expectations. 3. Global customers are getting to be spoiled and unrealistic in their expectations. The wealthiest parts of the world can afford to ship materials from all over the world for their enjoyment. Many people buy new cars every year because they can. There is a large part of the world that can barely afford to feed themselves, let alone indulge in new cars or gas guzzling SUVs. By all means global customers are demanding their rights in the marketplace; however, the equality of the world’s resources and pollution is completely unrealistic. 4. The worldwide demand for quality has driven innovation in every aspect possible. Producers are constantly introducing new methods, materials and designs to improve the quality of products and services. Innovation is the key the quality because customers demand the best in every

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