Quality Improvement Implementing Plan

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QI Plan Part IV - Implementing and Revising Grading Criteria Cynthia Petty University of Phoenix Measuring Performance Standards HCS 588 Cynthia M. Hughes, DHA, MSN, BSN, RN, C September 10, 2012 QI Plan Part IV – Implementing and Revising Grading Criteria Introduction Central Alabama Veterans Health Care System (CAVHCS) mission exists to provide excellent services to veterans across the continuum of healthcare. We take pride in providing delivery of timely quality care by staff who demonstrates outstanding customer service, the advancement of health care through research, and the education of tomorrow's health care providers (“CAVHCS”, 2012). The ultimate job of any health care system would be to provide quality health care to each patient that is in their care with respect and dignity. This paper will discuss the authority, structure, and organization, education, annual evaluation, and external entities. The healthcare facility is there to create a holistic healing environment with all staff being able to work together. But in order to achieve this goal, each and every employee will need to participate in on-going quality improvement efforts within the hospital. Authority, Structure, and Organization The Medical Center Director will serve as the Chair of the Quality Improvement Committee and is ultimately responsible for assuring that the patients receives noting but high quality of care. He/she will coordinate activities, provide guidance, and evaluate all program activities through the Quality Improvement Committee. The Director will perform quality case review for accurate and consistent physician staging. The Director will also monitor and participate in the development of the annual report. He/she will encourage and support the staff to fulfill each of their individual duties and objectives in order to meet the program objectives (HRSA,

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