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Information Assurance Report Contents Executive Summary 3 Critical Controls 3 Approach 3 Compliance 3 Information Assurance Metrics 4 System Inventory 4 Asset Management 4 Configuration Management 5 Vulnerability Management 5 Identity and Access Management 5 Data Protection 5 Boundary Protection 6 Incident Management 6 Training and Education 6 Remote Access 7 Network Security Protocols 8 Software Assurance 8 Continuous Monitoring 8 Executive Summary A-PMCS, Inc has partnered with “Company” to ensure the highest level of Information Assurance and Cyber Security. To ensure the highest standards we have ensured that we meet each of the 20 Critical Security points as outlined by the SAN Institute as well as having compiled this report using the metrics defined by the Chief Information Officer’s office from the Federal Information Security Management Act. Through this report we will illustrate “Company”’s current compliance and continued commitment to excellence through the key performance indicators and metrics that are used to measure Information Assurance success within “Company”. Critical Controls The twenty Critical Security controls allow the Company to focus its spending and assets on key controls that block known attacks and find the ones that get through. With the change in FISMA reporting, as reflected in our Information Assurance metrics, these controls become the centerpiece of our highly effective security program that allows us to maintain a cohesive vision of what cyber security and information security truly mean to our Government clients. Approach Our “Company” has systematically, using subject matter experts within the appropriate industries, automated the controls as outlined in the SAN’s Institute’s guidelines. Where ever possible we have also taken the additional steps to add redundant layers

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