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1.10, 1.13, 1.15 (a and c), 2.4 1.10 The statement “Quality is the responsibility of the quality department” refers to the fact that quality is hidden within manufacturing and engineering. Problems are fought as they occur (firefighting). This revolves around the question whose job is quality? Production runs smoother when they don’t have to always worry about fixing quality issues. 1.13 If I had the opportunity to fix the quality of a hospital I would start on the responsiveness of their services. It is no surprise that waiting times in the hospital are very long. My first order of business would be to reduce the wait times. A good measure for this is to see average waiting time for patients. What will bring up problems though is the different streams of services at the hospital. It is going to take longer for someone to get surgery done then simply get an x ray done. This is why they will need to split it up by wards in the hospital. Having average patient times for peds, cardiac, etc. 1.15 (a and c) a) Quality in a health care facility can be defined from three measures. Responsiveness, reliability and performance. Health care is mainly more geared towards performance and reliability, you hope that when you see a doctor they are right 100% of the time. Responsiveness is determined at the hospital by the patient turnover rate. c) Quality in a Grocery store can be defined as having reliable products. If customers go to the store they expect that the product they are buying are not expired. Grocery stores also need to include an aspect of aesthetics. Customers want to buy a good looking product. This include attractive packaging and aesthetically appeasing food. Lastly, conformance to standards. This is a key quality issue for the grocery industry. Their products have to conform to industry standards. 2.4 To achieve Six Sigma standards a company must not

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