Quality and Productivity in Bmw and Mercedes Benz Essay

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Quality and Productivity in BMW and Mercedes Benz Ernesto Alcala University of Phoenix Quality Management and Productivity MTG\449 Steve Cook June 18, 2012 Quality and Productivity in BMW and Mercedes Benz Through the years, the quality and productivity process increase its importance for the company’s performance. While in the past, most companies used these processes separately; in our days, quality and productivity have a strong relationship requiring a certain level of management according to the product or service’s requisites. To perform a high quality and productivity process, the company needs to determine its consumer’s necessities. BMW and Mercedes Benz, two of the most high quality car’s brand understood and applied these processes to improve their products and services satisfying their market’s needs. At first the company must select the necessary type of management to meet its consumer’s needs. To perform and increase the service or product quality process, the company must establish three levels of management such as top level management which Implements practices, research, and development adopting current manufacturing techniques, and improve time management. Middle management, which plans and coordinate quality and productivity efforts and resources. And Low-level management, which involves the company’s employees creating a commitment from them to improve all facets of their work. Once the company establishes the quality process, they must perform the productivity procedures which starts with the relationship between a given amount of output and the amount of input needed to produce it making the product or service profitable. Nevertheless, the company must coordinate all efforts and commitments to perform a success process in quality and productivity avoiding nonconformance, failure, waste cost, and losing customers. (Cliffs Notes,

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