Qualitis of a Good Parent Essay

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Qualities of a Good Parent Raising children is one of the most difficult and rewarding jobs in the world. With a little patience and acceptance of assistance, a person may become a good parent. Not all parents are good parents. Some may think that just because a child gets everything he or she wants; the parent is a good mother or father. Being a good parent requires expressing love and affection, spending time with children, and being a good role model. Good parenting is not the easiest responsibilities, but it is rewarding after a child has grown up. Parents should always show their love for a child. They do not always have to buy things to show it; there are also other options. One way a parent can show his or her love for a child is by doing one of the child’s least favorite chores one day out of the week. On Fridays, if the writer did well in school, her father would mop the kitchen for her. She hated mopping the kitchen, but because she did great in school, she did not have to. This was a way of showing her that her father loved and cared about her. It also motivated her to do well in school. Parents should also tell their kids that the love them. Every day before school, the writer’s parents would give her siblings and her kisses on the cheek and tell them they love them. This made their day a lot better. She would go to school with a smile on her face and have the best day ever. On days her father had to work, he showed his love for them by leaving a special note on their pillows. The notes had words of encouragement on them. Every night, there was a different note. He showed his love for them by putting a smile on their face before bedtime. No matter what goes on, a parent should always spend quality time with his or her children. A parent can spend time with a child by taking him or her on a play date. Every once in a while parents, the writer knew,

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