Qualities of Good Parents Essay

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In my opinion, there are many qualities of good parents. The qualities may vary from society to society. However, I do believe that there are two general qualities of the good parents in all societies. The good parents should have enough time for their children and understand their children’s needs. Firstly, I strongly believe that time from the parents is the most important thing that children need. The good parents should be with the children whenever the children need them. Some parents think that they give much money to the children and they do not have to do other things else for their children. This is incorrect at all. The children do not need much money, but they need the parents who can help them when they get troubles, suggest them when they need an advice, and talk to them when they want to share their ideas or when they feel lonely. In addition, I think that the good parents have to understand their children. They should not force their children to do something that they want. The good parents should stay behind the children and give them the advice. However, the parents have to allow them to make a decision by themselves. The parents who study in scientific field tend to force their children to study in the same field. The good parents do not do that, but they listen to their children. They let their children to select the field in which the children interested. They also let their children learn to make a decision by themselves. In conclusion, there are many qualities that the good parents should have. However, I personally think that the qualities I state above are the basic qualities that the good parents have to be. I think that it is very good if all parents can follow these two

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