Qualities Of a Good Parent Essay

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Qualities of a Good Parent Parenting can be joyous, but it can be challenging also. Many have the privilege of being parents and some Godparents. That is my situation. I cannot have children of my own but I have a Goddaughter, and if she had anything to say about me, she would say that I am a good Godparent. First, she would say “ma” (that is what Jasmine calls me) is a very good Godmother. She steps in just like a mother. I can remember one time we were having a very interesting conversation on boys and ma said, that you have to be careful with boys these days Jasmine, they out for one thing only child, and that’s sex! I gave her situations about my own life that she could relate to, now that she is in high school, she tells me, that she remembers the conversation on boys and that keeps her from having pre-marital sex. Second, she would tell people about my nieces and nephews, which I spend time with every chance I get. I also let them know in order to be something in life you have to make sacrifices. Never allow anyone to say you cannot accomplish things. Spending time with them is like a having children of my own. I discipline them also. You cannot be a good parent without some form of discipline. The bible say, “You spare the rod, you will spoil the child”. I believe that saying, not that you beat your children, but give some form of punishment; like timeout, taking their games, chores, and no TV. In order to show them that what they did was wrong. Some people however, do use physical punishment. Sometimes I wonder, is that good for the parent to give them whooping’s. My parent has only whooped us when we did very bad things, and all of us grew up to be good children. Third, Jasmine would tell others that I have a sense of humor underneath all that toughness. I love joking around with them and going on what we call adventure’s with “ma”. You never know

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