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Running head: Qualitative Observation Qualitative Observation of Females and Males at the Memorial Union Main Lounge [ Kate Nost ] Iowa State University ComSt 203 Introduction to Research Methods Dr. Kristi Costabile May 1, 2013 This qualitative observation is designed to observe how people chose to mark their territory in specific surroundings. The Memorial Union Main Lounge area is a place where anyone can come to relax, eat, study, along with a variety of other activates. I plan to observe how men and women maintain control of their space in an area designed to seat only 27 people in clusters of 6 or less. I was complete observer in the Main Lounge from 9 am to 1pm on April 30th, looking for subjects who controlled their space in specific manners. The number of people in the environment usually varied because it can be a high traffic area. The earlier in the morning 4 to 9 people but by the time the afternoon rolled around we saw a steady 10 to 20 on a regular. When I picked my seating I would pick corner seats that allowed to me view the whole open room while still getting a full view of the person being observed. I think that many of the people that I observed were focused on the task in front of them, which lead them to want more space around them in the end. When you have something you need to work on you typically spread your belongings out just a little further to let people know that if they were to sit right next to you it could possibly be disturbing. People seemed more timid to sit next to someone that was dressed with style verse the jeans and a shirt; I attributed this to casual being more inviting than stylish fashion. Much of the communication that occurred during my observations was mainly nonverbal actions. It was easier to tell how someone was feeling be looking at how they placed all of their belongings and facial expressions

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