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The epicenter On Friday, March 11th 2011, Japan was swept by an extremely powerful 8.9 richter scales earthquake. Currently, Japan is suffering from a severe destruction. More than 6000 people have passed away. This case was informed by National Police Committee. It is armed by the temporary findings of the local National Police Agency. It obtained dead citizen’s data has reached 2475 people. Meanwhile 3118 people were issued vanish. Not only that, Japan Police also experienced difficulties in identifying thousands of corpses which have succeed found in ashore zone. Until now, it has just indentified 1060 corpses. Around 500 corpses have been sent back to their family. Beside that, the evacuees also dispersed in several locations. Oshihiro Miyagi also said in the press conference that the refugee around the coast lacked of medicine. Critical condition was also experienced by thousands of Japanese safe citizen. On the past 3 days, they lacked of water, electricity, and foods. It happened because at least 1 million houses weren’t flowed water and 2 millions weren’t flowed electricity. The situation which makes great concern is after earthquake happened, two nuclear reactors broke. It was very potential to make radiation and contamination. The temperature around Japan was also heading for freezing point. This condition made great trouble for Japanese evacuees because they only had limited clothes and blankets. The nuclear blasted On Sunday, March 13th 2011, Japan’s government announced that Fukushima’s nuclear power plant electricity exploded and 160 people were surely affected by dangerous radiation. Hundreds of people were forced to evacuate, away from the hazardous area. The power plant was not too far from Sendai, the closest city from epicenter. Sendai crushed to bits. It looks like dead city. Dense of people was left. The radiation spread a moment after

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