Quado Systems Case Analysis

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Case: Quado Systems Group The Taylor project represents an enormous opportunity for Quado to expand into the fastest growing systems integration segment today. This segment requires Internet expertise which is one of Quado’s internal weaknesses that needs to be strengthened. This project looks significant enough to ruin the IPO if it fails. Yet, there was excitement in the firm to be in the ring competing against a $1 Billion systems integration firm for a $9 million Internet project. However, now that they might win the deal Thorby needs to decide how important it is for Quado to win this deal. Is the anticipated Internet segment really going to be big enough? Is now the right timing to take on this large a deal outside their narrow vertical scope? Should the company keep wasting resources chasing this deal down even? Yes, Thorby must win this deal at all costs to instill a renewed sense of urgency to gain Internet specialization. I. Problem How can Thorby best handle the Taylor situation to further Quado’s objective to maintain profitability and continue revenue growing without taking on risk that might harm IPO efforts? II. Alternatives Alternative A – To win the Taylor bid at all costs. Alternative B – To win the Taylor bid on merits alone Alternative C – To maintain status quo, walking away from the bidding process. III. Analysis of Alternatives Alternative A – To win the Taylor bid at all costs. Taylor represents a special window of opportunity to enter the Internet space which is the fastest growing segment right now. Assuming this segment will soon be one of the largest, most profitable segments within the future business-to-business market space, winning it is of monumental importance to Quado. Thorby must put forth a proposal that Taylor cannot refuse. He will eliminate any doubts they might have about Quado by appealing to the

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