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Abstract This paper will provide a sitemap, mockups, and rough project plans with proposed budget. Sitemap, Mockup, Web Development and Maintence The sitemap for South Texas Hunting Ranch’s site is fairly straight forward and simple. There is a Home Page (index), Axis Hunt page, Blackbuck Hunt page, Oryx Hunt page, Turkey Hunt page, Fallow Hunt page, Rates, About Us, Contact Us, Login, Admin, Content Create/Update, Customer Create/Update, Bulk Email, and Run Specials. [pic] This project is actually a real project I am conducting with a real client and the client actually picked out a template they want to use. The mockups of 3 of the pages are included below. Home Page: [pic] Internal Page: [pic] Contact Us: [pic] The scope of this project includes the modification of the template to include the clients logo, changing of the background image, the elk to be changed to an Axis or Oryx. The client also needs me to implement Drupal, a content management system, so they can update their own content moving forward. The webhosting has already been purchased and paid for covering the next 5 years a cost of $400.00 per year. The template was purchased at a cost of $55. Implementation of Drupal will take 8 hours of my time. The customization of the theme will take another 40 hours of my time. Drupal will also require some minor adjustments to allow for the content management system which will require another 24 hours of time. Total time on the project will be 72 hours. The client and I have a negotiated rate of $110 per hour bring the total proposed budget to $9975 include the template purchase and their investment in hosting for the next 5 years. They are supplying the additional images necessary such as the Axis or Oryx image for the template modification along with all content. The template modification will include the

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